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We are selling a very nice and sturdy daybed with roll-out/pop-up trundle. The daybed sits a single (twin) mattress. The trundle fits beneath the daybed (and also sits a single twin mattress), and can be rolled out and popped up to the same level. When placed side-by-side, the popped-up trundle and daybed are about the size of a King bed.
The daybed frame is white (matte finish), and the rest of the unit (the underbelly of the mattress area of the daybed, and the whole trundle) is dark iron. As you can see from the photo, the daybed frame is not ornate or gaudy -- it is pretty and simple.
See the attached pictures of the daybed. I do not currently have any pictures of the trundle. My rough measurements have the daybed at ~39" deep and ~80" long. (Reminder